JUST ANNOUNCED! Unshakeable Health Retreat Interactive With Satori on April 22-25th, 2024

After this 4-day retreat, you will have your complete Unshakeable Health plan 2024, preparing you for an extraordinary 2024 in the most vital areas of your health. This retreat is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies necessary to elevate your health to the next level.


Retail €3700.


 4 days event access
 Networking breakfasts, lunches & dinners
 Access to our premium activities
 Daily Workshops, Support and Lessons
 3 Nights of Accommodation
 Comprehensive Health Checkup
 VIP Mingle / Dinner
 Private Time With Satori: One-on-One Session with Satori
 1 hour Private physical and mental optimization session with Magnus


Retail €2600.


 4 days event access
 Networking breakfasts, lunches & dinners
 Access to our premium activities
 Daily Workshops, Support and Lessons
 3 Nights of Accommodation
Comprehensive Health Checkup
VIP Mingle / Dinner
Private Time With Satori: One-on-One Session with Satori
1 hour Private physical and mental optimization session with Magnus



 Private Health Evaluation and Strategic Planning With Satori
 4 days Unshakeable Health Event Recordings  
 Unshakeable Health Workbook Digital version
 Exclusive behind the scenes footage
 Exclusive interview style with Magnus & Satori

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"I invested in 3 units, and they have all grown in value since. Two of them have provided me with income from long-term rental agreements and one of the apartments is in completion state of construction. 

Now I'm preparing to sell one of the units due to an offer I got."

 - Siw Söderkvist
4 transformative days of live immersion

Day 1: April 22 

• The Psychology of Optimal Health 

• Thriving in Challenging Times

• Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Blueprint

DAY 2 
Day 2.
The Financial Blueprint

Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis

Optimizing Digestive Health

Mental Resilience and Gut Health

DAY 3 

• The Power of Neuroplasticity

• Balancing Perceptions for Optimal Health

• Enhancing Brain Performance

DAY 4 

Understanding Structural Health
Naprapathy and Structural Alignment

This Event is exclusive by invitation only and we have limited places - Secure Your Spot Now!
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